About ME

Is your system achieving what you want or giving you a headache?

HR technology can transform the way a team works, thinks, and interacts with one another.

Modern HR technology solutions need to be:

  • Simple, scalable, and robust

  • Carefully built with focusing on user-experience (UX)

  • Agile enough to pilot fast, robust enough to full launch


ME has a range of best of breed HR solutions that fulfill the above requirements:

  • Predictive Workforce Optimization

  • eRecruitment  & Talent Solutions

  • Staff Roster and Time & Attendance Solutions

  • HR Mobile Apps

  • HR Cloud Subscription

  • HR Tech Consultation

Our Team

* 20+ yrs HRIS Business Consultation (Local & Regional)

* 100+ HRIS System Deployment in Greater China region

* Mobile App Team – Latest Mobile Technology (HR-on-the-Go!)

* IT Infrastructure Specialist – Microsoft Azure Cloud

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