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Wireless Computer Accessories
Allow you to focus on your profession

While Administrative Human Resources functions are necessary, these repetitive works always lower your clinic's productivity and efficiency. 

Outsource your HR & Payroll to ME-Clinic is the only way out;

  • Design Employment Contract and review your company HR Policies.

  • Manage employees on-boarding and off-boarding arrangements.

  • Calculate and process monthly salaries by HR system.

  • Support medical insurance claims, MPF remittance and administration.

  • Prepare annual tax forms 

  • Provide HR advice by a designated account manager.

HR & Payroll Outsourcing
Benefits of HR & Payroll Outsourcing
Cost Savings
Engage a professional HR services from ME-Clinic to serve your people at a cost-effective way without any additional hiring.
We provide free usage of the latest mobile app for saving your IT investment and maintenance cost. 
Our monthly plan is based on actual numbers of employees helps you to spend less.
Reduce Risks
Our professional solutions supported by the latest technology greatly reduce the inaccuracy of salary calculation due to your administrative staff movements, technical and process issues. 
We offer professional advice based on HR compliance and best local practices so you can rest assured that your HR policies and payroll calculations comply to the rules and regulations.​
All employees and payroll data are stored in Microsoft Azure with regular back ups to maintain high level of data protection. 
Gain High Level of Trust from Your Employees
With out commitment to our clients and strict internal workflow and control, ME-Clinic guarantees your employees to receive their salaries without any error and delay. 
Our latest mobile app provides you a great channel to communicate with your employees in anywhere at anytime.  
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