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A retail company with 80+ outlets in
Hong Kong.
The company has passion to serve Hong Kong and target to grow a number of outlets to 200 in 2 years.  


1. Most operation staff doesn't have rich technical knowledge
2. No company network connection is deployed for outlet
3. Leave policies are still under construction
4. Absent cases happens for part time staff


1. Deliver ease to use mobile app for frontline staff with localized translation
2. Enable mobile clocking by using shop's GPS locations
3. Provide additional consultation service for general leave policies by our HR consultants
4. Allow user to plan their work availability and rest day preferences through mobile app


1. Localized translation were deployed that make use of their industrial language for easier adaption of mobile App
2. GPS clocking also precisely handle temporary transfer in a day
3. By collecting staff preferences and planning, the "No Show" cases drop obviously

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