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HR Outsourcing Services - Permanent & Temporary Recruitment


Finding the Right Talent Or Hiring Temporary Employees Can Be Time-consuming. 

ME Recruit, a recruitment arm of Merit Entrepreneur, specializes in HR outsourcing services and people management through hiring top-notch talents for permanent and temporary openings across a multitude of industries. With over 10 years of experience, our professional recruitment consultants have a reputation for making the best hire that ticks all your boxes. Having established solid and long-term relationships with 85% of our clients, we have a massive candidate database that continues to expand locally and overseas.​

Our HR Outsourcing Services Specialize in Below Industries:

●    Global IT & Telecom and Hi-Tech
●    Logistics & Transportation
●    Engineering
●    Building Constructions
●    Property Management
●    Medical Professionals
●    Retails, Food & Beverages
●    Sales & Customer Services
●    Finance & Accounting
●    HR & Administration

HR Outsourcing Service: IT & Telecom and Hi-tech Recruitment

Advance to the Innovation Changes in Time

Recruiting qualified talents to catch up with the technology trends would be the key to an employer's success in the modern world.

The evolution of technology nowadays continues to shape our worlds, such as work mode, lifestyle, communication mechanism, learning, mindset and behaviors. It also transforms many business processes, including people management, sales and marketing, data analytics, and workflow automation.


In order to catch up with the speedy path of the changes, all enterprises have to find a way to grow up and to further sustain themselves. Under this context, developing and enhancing technologies becomes an important investment to enterprises.


Moreover, inviting talents with excellent backgrounds to join the team and to cope with the flourishing of the organization is also critical, and this can be easily accomplished by outsourcing HR. 


With our deep expertise in people management and HR outsourcing, ME Recruit has a strong recruitment team focusing on Information Technology, Telecom and High-tech fields. We also have significant databases covering global talents to meet different requirements from the clients.

OUR STRENGTHS are Global, Professional and Advanced, so we are always able to cater to the new technology trends and the clients' "demand and desire" for the leading-edge talents. 

Our clients mainly come from the following categories but not limited to these:-

We have successfully helped our honored clients to place a variety of 

Mobile Phone
Teacher Assisting a Student
Network Cable Technician

We Search and Recruit Globally



  • Business Analyst/Analyst Programmer/Programmer

  • Project Manager/Senior Project Manager/PMO Manager/Application Consultant/Network Consultant/Solution Consultant 

  • System Engineer/System Analyst/System Support/Database Administrator/Datacenter Engineer/Infrastructure Engineer

  • Network Engineer/Network Design/RFID Engineer

  • Sales Manager/Account Manager/Business Development Manager/Operation Manager/Regional Manager

  • Process Engineer/NPI Engineer/Quality Engineer

Consultation on Tablet_edited.jpg
Mobile Phoen Screen
Computer Repair
Professional Woman




OUR CLIENTS  come from the categories of IT and Telecom Team within Enterprises and IT & T and High-tech Companies but not limited to these. Our professional HR outsourcing and people management services have obtained the reputation, reliability and trust from our clients based on the assets we possess, including:- 


  • Market Domain Know-how

  • In-depth Understanding of Clients' Needs and Wants

  • The Efficient Search Tools and Database

  • Global Network

  • Excellent Communication Techniques

  • Sufficient Resources Support from the Whole ME Team

IT & Telecom Team in Enterprises and Organizations

We recruit people for IT & Telecom Staff in Enterprises/Organizations from diverse industries, especially for those following below. 

Inside Business
Container Yard
Thrift Shop Worker
Thread Spools
Anchor 1
Professional Female
Trade Show
Construction Managers
Luxury Silver Watch

We also recruit professional staff and executives for IT & T and High-tech Companies to place them in the required locations internationally and multi-nationally. 

Computer Programming
Person Analyzing Data
Mobile Phone
Satelite Dish
Online Learning
Teacher Assisting a Student
Hard Disk
Online Class
Anchor 2


  • OUR CONSULTANTS come from the industries with 10-15 years of recruitment experience on the average

  • AND GLOBAL NETWORK has benefited the talent search for candidates in/from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, North Asia, South Asia and South Africa  

Map in Grass

Why Choose ME Recruit’s HR outsourcing services?

Efficient & Time-Saving

Effective recruitment can have a far-reaching impact on your business performance in the competitive market. Outsourcing your HR operations to ME Recruit helps you save time in job posting, candidate searching, shortlisting, handling interview no-shows, and more mundane people management processes. With streamlined HR operations, your in-house team will be able to focus on core business operations and strategic initiatives, driving greater productivity. It will result in growth that positions your company as an attractive employer to secure top talent.

Improve Candidate Quality

All shortlisted candidates are carefully screened and interviewed by our experienced consultants. We are an expert in understanding our clients' job requirements, including both hard and soft skills and matching them to top-quality applicants. Securing suitable top-notch talents can help improve your workforce quality and lower turnover rates. It elevates overall work efficiency to help produce better business outcomes. 

Enhanced Data Security

By prioritizing the security of your data, ME Recruit's HR outsourcing services can help you avoid costly data breaches and protect your reputation. We adhere to the data security standards in the strictest manner, enabling your business to present a reliable and trustworthy image.

Service Guaranteed –  Free Replacement

In case anything goes wrong, we guarantee to replace another qualified candidate without asking for an additional fee. This free replacement arrangement gives any business peace of mind with the recruitment process while ensuring their operations are unaffected by a potential bad hire. 

92% Hit Rate in Temporary Recruitment

Our high hit rate in finding temporary employees helps fulfill your urgent needs and scale up your business without wasting time. Our high hit rate in finding temporary employees helps fulfill your urgent needs without wasting time and resources on a lengthy recruitment process. It helps scale up your business faster and improve your business agility and flexibility to adapt to any challenge. 


What recruitment services does ME Recruit offer for temporary and permanent hires? 

We offer a wide array of professional HR outsourcing and people management services, from sourcing qualified candidates for open roles, screening and evaluating, recruiting, and so on, to help you make the best hire.   

Can you help me hire part-time or freelance employees?

Yes. We specialize in recruiting top talents for both  permanent and temporary positions, including part-time and freelance roles. Get in touch with our team to streamline your hiring process.  

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Get in Touch 

Merit Entrepreneur is a leading HR outsourcing solution provider with over 16 years of experience in Hong Kong. Trusted by over 3000 clients, we have a long-standing reputation for streamlining important HR operations, including recruitment, roster planning, and labor demand forecast. With deep expertise and a broad service portfolio, we strive to propel your people management processes to accelerate business outcomes and employee productivity. If you wish to know more about our recruitment outsourcing services, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts today.  

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