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With over two decades of combined experience, ME HR Solutions specializes in providing comprehensive and efficient HR solutions. Our range of services and workforce management systems is cloud-centred and SaaS (Software as a Service)-based, designed to alleviate your HR administrative burdens, streamline operations, and maximize workplace efficiency.

From payroll and HR outsourcing to outplacement services, recruitment solutions, and clinic staff management, our experienced team leverages the latest SaaS solutions and HR technology to handle all aspects of HR management while eliminating the hassle of complicated workflows. Let ME HR Solutions be your trusted partner in achieving HR excellence and driving organizational success, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

Payroll & HR Outsourcing

Our one-stop EOR & PEO services and Lili Outsourcing solution are designed to relieve your HR administrative stresses. We help manage various processes, from onboarding and employee insurance to payroll outsourcing and taxation. Our experienced team provides professional support with the latest SaaS and mobile technology and insights to ensure legal compliance, reducing risks for your company.


ME Recruit's comprehensive outplacement solutions can support employees facing job loss during business transformation. Our professional consultants guide individuals undergoing career transitions through tailor-made programs. With ME outplacement solutions, an employer can maintain a positive brand image and re-energize the existing workforce.

Recruitment Services

Save time and find the right talent with ME Recruit, specializing in both permanent and temporary placements across various industries. We provide an extensive candidate database, conduct rigorous screenings, and guarantee free replacement if needed. With a 92% success rate in temporary recruitment, our services can confidently fulfill your urgent business needs.

Clinic Staff Management

ME Clinic offers staff management services to enhance clinic efficiency and reduce HR costs. From payroll and HR management to recruitment and training, we provide streamlined solutions and utilize SaaS-based technology and mobile apps to optimize operations for clinic owners.

Why Choose ME for HR Solutions?


ME HR solutions are supported by a SaaS-based workforce management system, which is delivered and stored in the cloud, and adopts a subscription model. This advanced technological development allows companies to achieve profitability over time by continually delivering value.


While transitioning to the cloud offers cost savings, flexibility, security, and reliability, maintaining certain on-premises infrastructure may still be necessary. As technology evolves, managing and deploying such infrastructure for HR workflows becomes more streamlined and cost-effective with our solutions.


Our mobile applications are available on iOS and Android platforms, redefining your employee relationships while improving their productivity and cutting costs. It enables your business to adapt and thrive.

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Merit Entrepreneur is a leading provider of SaaS-based HRMS and payroll outsourcing solutions in Hong Kong. With over 16 years of industry experience, we have earned the trust of over 40,000 clients by optimizing crucial HR operations, including payroll processing, recruitment, roster planning, and labor demand forecasting.


Our deep expertise and comprehensive service portfolio are dedicated to driving your HR processes, enhancing business outcomes, and boosting employee productivity. If you wish to explore how we can support your HR needs, please reach out to our experts today.

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