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6. Retail Asia Conference & Expo 2022

The latest features firstly launched at the 2022 Retail Asia Conference & Expo

AI human resources solution continues to win high praise

The AI human resource system "HROTG" developed by Merit Entrepreneur has always been receiving high recognition in the industry for its remarkable results in helping enterprises in various industries to cut costs and increase profit. This solution is well known as a great breakthrough in convenience and stability to manage labor, with the regular introduction of new functions for the ever-changing demands of the market. At the Asia Retail Conference and Expo 2022 at HKCEC in the past week, the app "HROTG" and our human resources outsourcing services has reached more and more retailers to simplify the process, time and cost of managing human resources. The launch of a new function -- "Shift Bidding" was officially introduced. It enables employees to bid for shifts that they are available and prefer to work, which made HR management more convenient and flexible.

This year, the exhibition focuses on the enhancement of technology in supporting business growth, with more than 2,000 exhibits and solutions on display that inspired visitors to learn about the new norms brought by the epidemic. Being unique in the market, we valued all conversations about upcoming possible directions of partnership and collaboration with every outstanding leader from different industries and backgrounds. We would like to express our appreciation for all of your affirmations, and we look forward to all future cooperation. Many had expressed their appreciation of the "Smart Rostering" in the system after attending our live demonstration and we have received lots of positive comments on how our solution can effectively solve the current time-consuming and huge-cost problems of their enterprises, as well as prevent the company from suffering losses due to human error again.

Under the era of post-epidemic, the AI human resource solution "HROTG" has successfully helped more than 5,000 clients to save more than 10% expenses on human resources with 10 million; the labor productivity has been greatly increased to 9.48. In addition to helping companies save costs and maximize profits, we pay extra attention to CSR. In the past few years, we have been cooperating with Ebenezer School & Home For the Visually Impaired and visually impaired students had learnt to make coasters with wood. We wish to promote the development of visually impaired people's integration into society through this sponsorship project. We also distributed lovely coasters to the public at the exhibition, hoping to increase the public's attention to the welfare of the visually impaired.

ME would like to take this chance to thank the organizer again for holding this exhibition, which provides a valuable platform to communicate and understand market trends, at the same time to explore new possibilities and opportunities under the epidemic era. Looking forward to having the opportunity to meet with all of you again in the near future!

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