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Introducing Our Collaborated Mobile App – HR-on-the-Go (HROTG)


Our mobile-enabled platforms redefine your business workflows, administrative operations, and people management in this ever-evolving digital age.

The Next-Generation HR Mobile App


Exclusively developed by Merit Entrepreneur, HR-on-the-Go (HROTG) is your go-to HR mobile app that supports shift planning, vacation scheduling, overtime tracking, time and attendance analytics, and more across multiple workplaces in your city.

Thanks to the dedicated software features, you can keep clear control of your workforce, from punctuality and absences to rostering, as well as helping you prevent overstaffing and understaffing. Propel your HR operative processes by creating automated rosters in a few clicks. Convenient and time-saving, HROTG gives you a bird's-eye view of your organization's personnel and workplace productivity.

Our HR mobile app also connects with your company's payroll system to calculate shift allowances to make the whole process simple and efficient. All data can be copied and pasted as well as exported without integrating the Excel application, allowing for seamless use and installation.

Why Do You Need HROTG?


Digitalize your business operations with our full-featured, powerful HR mobile app. HROTG consolidates essential HR functions such as clocking in and out, submitting leave requests, staff scheduling, time and attendance, payroll, tax reporting, and so on, all digitally in one place. We eliminate the hassle of complicated HR workflows to save you time for focusing on other core parts of your business and maximizing production capacity, meanwhile keeping workforce management costs to a minimum.

Key Benefits of HROTG

Multilingual User Interface

Support multiple languages in diverse workplaces and offer excellent user experience.

ESS Application Forms

Employees can apply for leave through mobile. In addition, they can provide their work preferences including availability and rest day preferences.

Mobile Clocking

Use GPS and/or Wifi to perform mobile sign-in/out, take breaks, and transfer work locations

View schedule and timesheet

Staff can view both forthcoming and historical work schedules and time attendance records through our HR mobile app.

Team & Self Calendar

Staff and supervisors can access the calendar within the HR mobile app to oversee work schedules, including leave, rest days, and statutory holiday planning.

Forthcoming schedule

Staff can view details of the work schedule, including work hours, work role, and work location.

HROTG 1.png

Multi-lingual user interface

Support multi-language for user to have a good user experience.

HROTG 2.png

ESS Application Forms

Allow user to apply leave through mobile. In addition, staff can provide work preference including availability and rest day preference.

HROTG 4.png

Mobile Clocking

Use GPS and/or Wifi to perform mobile sign in/out, take break and transfer work locations

HROTG 5.png

View schedule and timesheet

Staff can view both forthcoming and historical work schedule and time attendance records

HROTG 7.png

Team & Self Calendar

Staff and supervisor can access calendar to oversee work schedule including leave, rest day and statutory holiday planning.

HROTG 6.png

Forthcoming schedule

Staff can view detail of work schedule including work hours, work role and work location.

Get in Touch


Serving over 3000 users in cloud-based workforce management in Hong Kong, Merit Entrepreneur is a leading provider of full-featured HR mobile apps which streamline important HR operations, including roster planning, time and attendance automation, and mobile clocking. Start your free trial for 60 days. If you wish to know more about our HR software, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts.

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