Introducing our collaborated mobile apps

Mobile enabled platforms defined a new order of office processes, administration tasks and people management.

Secure Sign-on

Seamlessly integrate with your internal identity authentication solutions such as Microsoft Active Directory or SSO via SAML. Permission and user rights  inherited with integrity.

Company News Announcement

Effectively communicate with your employee with the latest corporate news and announcement helps to build company culture and sense of belongings.

Personal Calendar

Synchronizing your company calendar with tasks status and alerts notifications display together with your Outlook schedule information. All in a single view.

HROTG 1.png

Multi-lingual user interface

Support multi-language for user to have a good user experience.

HROTG 2.png

ESS Application Forms

Allow user to apply leave through mobile. In addition, staff can provide work preference including availability and rest day preference.

HROTG 4.png

Mobile Clocking

Use GPS and/or Wifi to perform mobile sign in/out, take break and transfer work locations

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View schedule and timesheet

Staff can view both forthcoming and historical work schedule and time attendance records

HROTG 7.png

Team & Self Calendar

Staff and supervisor can access calendar to oversee work schedule including leave, rest day and statutory holiday planning.

HROTG 6.png

Forthcoming schedule

Staff can view detail of work schedule including work hours, work role and work location.