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Brace yourselves for the shift from "418" to "460"! We've got your back here at HROTG.

Brace yourselves for the shift from "418" to "460"! We've got your back here at HROTG.

The Labour Department is soon to review the continuous contract employment policy (popularly known as "418"), considering a change. Instead of the current rule, employees who work for the same employer for a total of 72, 68, 64, or 60 hours within four weeks could be classified as under continuous contracts. This would mean they're entitled to the benefits laid out in the Employment Ordinance, such as paid annual leave, statutory holiday pay, maternity protection, and much more…

In simpler terms, we're looking at loosening the "418" standard, potentially benefiting around 70,000 part-time or casual workers.

But what's an HR team to do when the legal landscape could shift at any moment? How should they keep an eye on wage calculations? How can they track employees' working hours? And how can they predict how much the company's labor costs might increase?

Fear not! HROTG is always planning ahead for your company. Whether the standard is "418" or "460", we can give you a heads-up, preparing for the new system as soon as the legislation is passed. We'll monitor labor cost control under the "460" standard, helping your company minimize the chance of increased HR costs and maintain productivity.

Confused by the legislation? Just get in touch with us anytime. Your HR challenges will be blown away!

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