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HR Helper: What is an attendance system? How can it help simplify your daily business operations?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

An attendance system is a system that records the time when employees clock in and clock out using a mobile device or a specific device, so that the human resources department can calculate salaries and manage employees' daily attendance.

Drawbacks of traditional punch card systems

In the past, Hong Kong companies commonly used punch card machines, where employees used cards to record their clock in and clock out times in real-time. However, this method is not accurate as it cannot prove whether the employee personally punched the card, the punch card machine may record times that are too early or too late, or the printed digits may be unclear and difficult to identify. More importantly, the human resources department needs to spend a lot of time verifying data to arrange for salary payments, which greatly reduces productivity.

ME's self-developed "HROTG" simplifies daily business operations for enterprises:

Mobile self-service clock-in

Employees can record their clock in and clock out times by using a mobile application. With the " HROTG " app downloaded, clocking in on a mobile device greatly improves credibility and accuracy. Data is uploaded to the database, and management can easily monitor attendance.

Facial recognition and GPS location clock-in

ME understands that companies need to collect employee attendance information, so it provides facial recognition and GPS location clock-in according to different needs. Using electronic devices such as iPads to quickly recognize faces, employees can record their time. GPS location clock-in records the employee's location at the time through their mobile device.

Reduce administrative pressure on human resources

Through "HROTG," the human resources department no longer needs to spend a lot of time and productivity managing attendance and calculating salaries. By simply waiting for the automatically generated report at the end of the month, management can easily understand the numbers at a glance. At the same time, it saves the human resources department the cost of organizing and maintaining sign-in equipment, reducing operating expenses.

Get a free trial of "HROTG" now

By using the "HROTG " intelligent attendance system, companies can greatly save time and cost in handling attendance, salaries, and other matters, reduce operating expenses, and promote business productivity. Contact us on WhatsApp now to discover more benefits of using "HROTG" for attendance and get a 60-day free trial.

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