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HR Tips: Is approval a must for everyone requesting to take leave after reopening HK border?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

With the implementation of the "0+3" quarantine-free measures, it is foreseeable that the time of "0+0" will not be far. Being “grounded” for more than two years, Hong Kong people, who love to travel as always, are so ready to leave Hong Kong for an enjoyable vacation that many of them have their air tickets and hotels booked right after the announcement of the new policy.

You might have bought your tickets and booked hotel rooms, but have you gotten approval to leave? Recently, many HR managers are receiving more and more leave applications, especially in November and December, which obviously is for traveling abroad by viewing the number of days they have applied for leave. If we take a glimpse of the Employment Regulations, do HR managers have to approve employees' requests for leave?

In fact, even if employees applied for the remaining paid annual leave, the company still has the right to refuse it. Facing a large number of employees taking leave at the same time, don’t take AL for granted as approval is a favor, disapproval is also legal and reasonable.

However, everything has two sides. Being trapped in Hong Kong for more than two years, it is understandable to travel abroad immediately after lacking entertainment for such a long time. If employees are willing to be responsible to take some time to deal with ad hoc and perhaps keep in touch online, HR managers may let go to consolidate the relationship between colleagues, so that employees can go out to recharge – “play hard, work hard!”

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