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Mandate fixed consecutive working hours to ensure employees receive adequate rest

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The recent issue of insufficient employee rest time leading to frequent accidents has made the proper arrangement of working hours the top priority for HR to address. According to the "Employment Ordinance", employees are entitled to at least one rest day for every seven days worked. When HR deals with thousands of employees, human errors are inevitable, causing employees to not receive enough rest time.

As the developer of a workforce scheduling system, ME attaches great importance to scheduling. We firmly believe that effectively managing talent to boost company productivity begins with a seemingly insignificant schedule.

ME's HR system - "HROTG" focuses on scheduling features. When arranging employee rest time, the backend can set hard warnings. If an employee does not meet the requirement of one day off every seven days, the schedule cannot be published until an administrator makes revisions.

The advantage of the Smart Scheduler is that even with thousands or tens of thousands of employees, it only takes five minutes to generate a schedule that complies with regulations, maximizes productivity, and minimizes costs. In addition to ensuring adequate rest time for employees, it can also reduce huge hidden costs by controlling expenses like part-time 418 spendings.

Want to learn more? Contact us now to schedule a free system demonstration!

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