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Post-epidemic norms: Surging outbound flights in Golden Week under “0+3”, how to arrange our labor?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

In the blink of an eye, the Hong Kong border has been shut down for two years, creating a strong hit to the economy. These days, the "0+3" entry requirement is launched, meaning quarantine in hotels is no longer required for residents and tourists entering Hong Kong, which hopefully can increase the attractiveness of foreigners coming to Hong Kong.

Speaking of reopening the border, the question here is, can it promote the economy that has been paralyzed for a long time? Or, reversely, it only persuaded local people to travel abroad while we all witnessed the phenomenon of snapping up air tickets right after the announcement of “0+3”?

We all know that Hong Kong people love traveling, and being stuck in Hong Kong for more than 900 days without entertainment? No Way! Therefore a wave of local activities like Staycation and hiking were on hit. These activities rescued some businesses in retail and F&B industries from the lack of foreign tourist customers, achieving an internal economic cycle. But it can be a different picture after the announcement of “0+3” – Serious congestion on the Immigration Department website for passport applications, airline tickets being sold out immediately regardless of the price, and the multiple increases in numbers of flights. It is not impracticable to assume that the level of travel before the epidemic can be restored shortly.

At the same time, while it is believed that the number of departures from Hong Kong will reach its peak again, the retail and tourist industry that still rely on local consumption may fall into a trough again. Under circumstances filled with uncertainty, local businesses need to consider how to adjust labor carefully. Undeniably, there is a slight increase in the number of inbound arrivals. The balance in the situation that air tickets are sold out and many foreigners begin to choose to come to Hong Kong needs to be carefully achieved. Any negligence in the allocation of labor can cause serious loss. Any unpleasant experience for customers is detrimental to overall development in the long run.

To seize opportunities and prevent dangers, the flexibility of labor is particularly important. Blind guess is certainly not a good idea compared to AI calculations that accurately predict workforce demand in the future. The mobile app HROTG independently developed by Merit Entrepreneur can analyze the days of the same period in the past and even compare to the peak level before the epidemic, then make calculations based on relevant information, predict the labor demand for the future days, and finally output as the work schedule. Everything is convenient, fast, and accurate.

Epidemic prevention policies can change rapidly, and simply waiting for the announcement of government policy is already one step behind. Preparing for a gradual economic recovery will be the next challenge, equip now to get rid of loss!

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