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Still Using Excel for Scheduling? It's Time to Use an Intelligent Scheduling Management System

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Still Using Excel for Scheduling? It's Time to Use an Intelligent Scheduling Management System "Employee scheduling" is an important part of enterprise management and one of the daily tasks that managers find most troublesome. Managers need to allocate sufficient manpower to meet the operational needs of their shops while considering each employee's rest days, working hours, and other requirements to ensure a balance between the two, and to ensure that the enterprise operates smoothly. Managers have traditionally used Excel to manually adjust schedules, entering employee data, such as scheduling time, salaries, and vacation information, into the computer and then adjusting the schedule slowly in Excel. With the development of AI technology, many companies are beginning to use intelligent scheduling management systems to automate the complicated scheduling process, freeing up managers to focus on other important tasks and promoting enterprise productivity. This article summarizes the benefits of using an intelligent scheduling management system to help you save scheduling time.

Disadvantages of Traditional Excel Scheduling

Excel is an easy-to-use tool, but using Excel for scheduling has many limitations. For example, when using Excel for scheduling, managersneed to manually enter employee data into Excel and adjust the schedule according to each employee's needs to ensure smooth operation. However, the entire process takes a lot of time and may increase the chance of errors. Additionally, while Excel can automatically calculate different employees' working hours, salary budgets, and shift allowances after entering specific formulas, inputting incorrect formulas may affect the entire company's scheduling, even leading to losses.

3 Benefits of Using an Intelligent Scheduling Management System

Using an intelligent scheduling management system developed with AI technology, such as "Smart Scheduling," can avoid the mistakes that may occur when using Excel for manual scheduling. It also has the following three benefits:

One-Click Automatic Scheduling

With "Smart Scheduling," the intelligent scheduling management system schedules employees for managers automatically. Managers only need to press a button to complete scheduling. The system automatically fills suitable employees into appropriate positions on the scheduling table according to their job preferences submitted through the "ESS application form" function on the app. After completing the schedule, managers only need to check it briefly without spending extra time adjusting the schedule, saving most of the time and cost of scheduling.

Clear Team Schedule and Calendar

The "Smart Scheduling" mobile app provides a clear schedule for managers to check after confirming that the schedule has no problems. Employees can check their future working schedules, including working hours, locations, and positions, at any time and anywhere on their mobile phones, making their dailywork processes more smooth. It also includes team and personal calendars, allowing managers and employees to supervise and coordinate work schedules and view different employees' work progress.

Support for Mobile Punch-In

"Smart Scheduling" supports mobile punch-in function, turning employees' personal phones into the company's duty roster. With the support of the phone's GPS function or connection to the company's Wi-Fi network, employees can easily punch in and out of work, and record their rest time and work location changes, reducing the cost of maintaining punch-in devices for the human resources department and minimizing operational expenses.

Get "Smart Scheduling" Free Trial Now

Using "Smart Scheduling," an intelligent scheduling management system, companies can significantly save time and costs associated with scheduling and salaries, reduce operating expenses, and promote enterprise productivity. Contact us on WhatsApp now to discover more benefits of using "Smart Scheduling" for scheduling and get a 60-day free trial.

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