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What is the Difference Between Merit Entrepreneur Attendance System and Others?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The tool for tracking employee clock-in and clock-out times directly affects the smoothness of HR management work and is very important for any business. Many companies still use traditional in & out time machines or manual attendance card methods to record employee clock-in and clock-out times and location data. HR departments need to repeatedly verify the data to ensure that the salary payments are accurate. With the rapid development of technology, many workforce management system have appeared in the market, such as facial recognition technology and cloud-based attendance systems that record attendance data using employee cards. These clock-in systems greatly enhance the efficiency of business operations. Among the many clock-in attendance systems, Merit Entrepreneur's self-developed "HROTG" HR Mobile App is an application that combines multiple clock-in system functions.

But what are the differences between it and other clock-in attendance systems? How can businesses use it to reduce costs and increase profits?

Features of "HROTG" HR Mobile App

The HROTG HR Mobile App has the following features. By using "HROTG " to handle HR work, businesses can improve productivity and work efficiency, rather than using other types of HR management systems.

Smart Scheduling

One of the most important functions of "HROTG is the ability to automatically schedule for managers, saving them time and reducing the chance of errors caused by manual scheduling.

Using the "smart scheduling" HR mobile app, employees upload their own work schedules to the system each month. After collecting data from all employees, the system automatically arranges each employee to the most appropriate position. Managers do not need to manually schedule, but only need to check the generated schedule for accuracy and make adjustments if necessary. Using "smart scheduling" for tasks such as schedule creation greatly reduces the time cost for managers, allowing them to focus on other tasks and improving productivity.

Mobile Clock-In Attendance

The "HROTG" clock-in attendance system allows employees to use their own mobile phones and the "HROTG" app to clock in. Through the GPS function of the mobile phone or by connecting to the company's Wi-Fi, employees can use their own mobile phones to record data such as clock-in, break time, or transfer of work locations. The "HROTG" mobile app can automatically calculate data such as employee salaries and shift allowances, eliminating the need for HR departments to calculate salaries for each employee individually, saving time and reducing the chance of errors. In addition, all data is stored directly in the "HROTG" app's cloud server. Setting up the attendance system does not require the use of special hardware equipment, reducing the cost of maintaining equipment and saving operational expenses.

Team Calendar for Clear Scheduling

Compared to HR management systems that can only view the schedule and work progress of individual employees, the "HROTG" mobile app has a team and individual calendars for each employee, making the work schedule of each position clear at a glance.

Supervisors or employees can check the schedule and work progress data at any time through the mobile app's calendar view. Since the schedule of each employee can be displayed clearly, supervisors can adjust and assign different work according to the work requirements. In addition, the calendar in the app clearly shows details such as employee vacation, rest days, and statutory holidays, allowing supervisors to allocate work more efficiently based on this calendar.

Merit Entrepreneur - Your Best HR Partner

As a professional HR company, in addition to developing the convenient "HROTG" HR mobile app, Merit Entrepreneur also provides Payroll & HR Outsourcing and global IT recriutment services to help your business simplify complex HR work. contact us now to learn how we can help you save on the cost of HR work.

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