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7. HKIHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition 2022

Highest profile event of the year in the HR sector, ME leads the industry with "Smart Rostering"

In the post-epidemic period, many companies failed to maintain continuity due to the fast-changing market demand. Since 2017 before the pandemic, ME has launched the self-developed AI human resources system "HROTG" and until today, its leading market position in the industry and impressive results in improving business efficiency showed the necessity of existence in the HR industry.

In August this year, ME attended the Annual Conference & Exhibition and HR Excellence Awards Ceremony 2022 held by the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management, and got to connect with more than 1,300 senior HR managers. During the event, numerous star speakers shared the opportunities and challenges in the current HR industry, which was so inspiring and impressive that enlightened us on possible new functions in the future. As one of the exhibitors, we are glad that our solution "HROTG" is highly recognized by many HR professionals. Many said that our unique solution in the market can solve tons of problems currently encountered by enterprises. We continuously aspire to achieve "PUTTING THE RIGHT PERSON IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME", with an aim to reduce the losses caused by human errors in all industries, and at the same time improve business performance through raising efficiency in rostering, clocking, leave application & approval and payroll process, while avoiding the problem of shortages or excesses in labor.

During the event, different issues concerning labor regulations and labor disputes often encountered in human management had always been on our lips. In fact, our "HROTG" system has already taken the negative impact of labor disputes on business development into account. Therefore, "soft alert" and "hard alert" were added into the system to remind managers whether the current settings like schedule and payroll will cause loss or even violate the law regulations, such as the "418 Part-time" that many employers would have unintentionally overlooked. We were really pleased to receive appreciation of this function as a morale-booster for companies which allows them to avoid numerous unnecessary operational risks and losses, and being able to devote more resources to business development.

We are joyful to meet all the professionals this time, and are deeply grateful that "HROTG" has received much support and applause from the industry. The future may be full of unknowns, but ME believes that we can move towards the road of success together in hands.

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