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HR Helper: How does the system automatically calculate rest time within working hours?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

As Hong Kong gradually steps into the sweltering summer, the Labor Department has recently issued the "Guidance Notes on Prevention of Heat Stroke at Work" and has implemented it. By issuing "Work Heat Warnings" based on the heat index provided by the Hong Kong Observatory, it is divided into yellow, red, and black levels, reflecting the heat stress in the working environment at the time. The guidelines propose the recommended rest time per hour for employees engaged in different workloads at different warning levels. When red and black warnings are in effect, employees should stop working.

Under the regulation of rest time, how to effectively implement it has become a key point of concern for employers.

The self-developed human resources attendance system by ME, "HROTG - Smart Roster," can respond to the information issued by the Hong Kong Observatory in real-time, including but not limited to work heat warnings. It immediately uses the mobile notification center to remind employees of different occupations to take varying degrees of rest in a broadcast format.

Once employees confirm, at the same time, the backend system will record the rest time. At the end of the month, when generating reports, you can clearly see the rest time data and the adjusted salary calculation. All actions do not require manual handling; the system will perform automatic calculations, and the company does not need to allocate additional manpower for support.

Having a good system makes administration no longer difficult!

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