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Impact of Normal Traveller Clearance between Hong Kong and Mainland on Labor Demand

After three years of strict disease prevention control, China has eventually announced the reopen of border on January 8.

As soon as the news of clearance came out, the number of searches for outbound air tickets and overseas hotels on travel websites soared. Many Chinese netizens also stated on social media that they would visit Hong Kong after clearance. While many countries have tightened entry requirements for Chinese tourists in response to the rapid spread of the epidemic in major cities in China, entering Hong Kong is much simpler in comparison. After three years, it is expected that the spending power from China should not be underestimated.

While China’s reopening may boost economy, it is time for businesses in Hong Kong to prepare for the large number of Chinese consumers and re-adjust their workforce and business hours. Faced with surging increase in demand, many companies are in need of new employees or even temporary workers. ME's professional team can efficiently screen candidates in response to customer needs. With 92% success rate in temporary recruitment, ME has been helping many customers to overcome the staff deployment in the post-epidemic period and seize the opportunity of economic take-off.

In addition, ME has anticipated the instability brought by the economic recovery in the later stage of the epidemic. Therefore, when developing AI calculations for labor demand forecasting, our system has already included data from various periods that truly predicts labor force through demand. Through actual and concrete data, it assisted many industries with more accurate staff arrangements and business hours which avoided the problems of under-staffing resulted from labor shortage after the clearance between Hong Kong and Mainland.

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