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Regulating break hours? Smart Rostering System has you covered!

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The recent public transportation accident was a nerve-wracking event. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but it raised concerns about employees' rest arrangements.

Jobs that require high levels of concentration often need more rest time than other industries to ensure employees can perform their duties in the best condition. HR colleagues remind schedulers to follow rest guidelines when creating handbooks, such as offering a day off for every two consecutive workdays.

However, due to human error or other factors, the chances of scheduling mistakes are high, leading employees to potentially "chase shifts" or suffer from insufficient rest. This not only affects work performance but also lowers company productivity and increases the risk of accidents.

No more relying on human brains for these time-consuming, error-prone processes!

Let AI handle your intelligent scheduling! ME's HR smart rostering system - "HROTG" comes with comprehensive HR functions such as mobile clock-in, leave application, team calendar, swap shift, and pay slip. Our main feature is AI-driven intelligent scheduling based on big data.

By inputting basic employee information, such as preferred working hours, the system can generate a schedule that meets all requirements within seconds. This ensures sufficient rest time for employees, covers labor holidays, prevents costly "418" situations, and meets daily minimum staffing requirements.

HROTG now offers a 60-day free trial. Can't wait to give it a try? Register now!

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